Agbor clan

Agbor is the biggest and the most cosmopolitan city of the lka nation. The historic origin of Agbor kingdom as we stated earlier has different angles. Some writers trace the origin of Agbor to the reign of Oba Ewedo of Benin. According to this perspective - the Oba had twin sons named Edo and Ogugunagbon.

The Dein of Agbor Kingdom, HRM Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekuzi 1

Owa clan

The head of the government of Owa Kingdom is the Obi of Owa, The administrative headquarters is at Owa-Oyibu. The Obi is aided by a council of Chief in the administration. The council of Chiefs is made up of the Ison, Osuma, Osague, Ihondor, Ede, Obanor and Ovia. The administrative mode in the towns that make up the Owa Kingdom is by Gerontocracy, a government led by the oldest male in the community called the Okparan or Okiba-Aii. They have a form of delegated authority for administration, adjudication and sometimes functions on certain religious affairs.

The Obi of Owa, HRM Dr. Emmanuel Efeizomor II (JP) OON

Abavo clan

Abavo is today one of the fastest growing urban area of the lka nation. lt shares boundaries with Uronigbe of Edo state in the south. Owa in the east, Agbor with a distance of 14 kilometers in the north. Abavo was founded in the 12th century by AVBU, a prince of Benin. He migrated with his wife, Ogbarie from Benin following threats to his life.


The Obi of Abavo Kingdom, Abavo

Ute-Okpu clan

There are two school of thoughts to the founding of Ute Okpu. Lets us get a glimpse of the first thinking captured from the National Archive domiciled in lbadan


The Obi of Ute-Okpu Kingdom, Ute-Okpu

Ute-Ogbeje clan

Ute Ogbeje is a kingdom in the Ika NORTH East LOCAL GOVERNMENT Area of Delta state, it shares boundaries with Ubulu Uku in the East, Obior in the North, Akumazi Umuocha in the west and Otolopko in the south.


The Obi of Ute-Ogbeje Klnadom, Ute-Osbeje

Umunede clan

The Kingdom's neigbour from the west is Agbor, Akumazi Umocha and Ekwoma shares her eastern borders while Owa and Otolokpo are its Southern neigbours, Mbiri is her northern neighbor.
The Obi of Umunede, HRM,
Dr. Agadagidi Ezeagwu Ezenwali 1

Akumazi clan

AKUMAZI kingdom was founded by Onona, an astute farmer and hunter from Benin. According to Onyepkeze FA, paragraph 8 of the Akumazi Report by the colonial governments stated that the founder Onona and his wife Akumazi came from Benin" thus the Benin factor is apparent in the formation of Akumazi. Akumazi, is named after the beloved wife of its founder. Onona and Akumazi had four children. The children apart from the first born move out to live in different outpost around Akumazi.


The Obi of Akumazi kingdom, Akumazi

Igbodo clan

This kingdom was founded by a descendant from Benin. This can be gleaned from oral tradition as well as the foregoing Intelligence Report quoted by Onyepke in hiswork.

The Obi of Igbodo, His Royal Majesty,
Ikechukwu Nkeobikwu Osedume I

Otolokpo clan

The founding father of Otolokpo Kingdom was Gbogba who migrated with his wife named Okpokor. Otolokpo is located in the Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. Her neighbours include Umunede in west , Ute Okpu and Owa in the South while Ute Ogbeje, borders her in the east.


The Obi of Otolokpo Kingdom, Otolokpo

Mbiri clan

The progenitor of Mbiri is known as Airen, a prince of Ogiso from Benin Empire. He founded Mbiri around 45 BC. Mbiri is situated in the Ika North East Local Government of Delta State. Her neigbours include Emuhu and Boji Boji Agbor in South, Igbodo and Umunede in the East, Ewohimi and Ekpon in the West, Agbor and Emuhu in the South.

The Obi of Mbiri Kingdom, Mbiri

Idumuesah clan

The origin of ldumuesah can only be grasped through oral tradition as there is no written history. The kingdom has a peculiar and unique history. Quite unlike other kingdom in lka nation, the indigenes of ldumuesah do not have a common ancestor rather the seven villages that make up the kingdom were founded by descendants from different parts of Delta and Edo states. The name ldumuesah means seven villages.


The Okpara-Uku of ldumuesah Kingdom, ldumuesah